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Network Management, Installation & Troubleshooting

Modern Network Management Solution

For modern enterprises, network management and support of the highest caliber are essential. It often means the difference between stability and instability, prompt responses and delayed inaction, and even success or failure for a corporation.

When organizations think about IT upgrades, network hardware is rarely the first thing that comes to mind because it is out of sight and stowed away in a networking or electrical closet.

A better, more proactive strategy is needed now. It’s time to manage and support networks the IdeaICTJa way.

Offering Network Management Solutions

We’ll move your wired and wireless network infrastructure from its current state to a higher degree of stability, security, and support. We’ll also evaluate your connectivity partner and provide recommendations if there is a better way.

Our Approach to Network Management and Support

1. Site Visit

we usually begin with a site inspection to obtain an idea of what a client would require to cover their space. 

We’ll also look for any building materials or equipment that could disrupt the Wi-Fi connection and ways to improve and reinforce wireless coverage. 

We will then a complete networking management strategy that will deliver the robust networking services clients require in an intelligent, future-proof package.

2. Wiring Services

If a client wants cable installed for the first time or to replace existing cabling, we’ll work with some of the area’s top wiring businesses. Our clients receive professionally installed cabling that is properly concealed.

3. Physical Network Implementation

Our team will come to your location and install, connect, and operate your network infrastructure efficiently. We’ll test your new network to guarantee it works properly.

If there are any issues with the Wi-Fi signal, we will fix them by relocating wireless routers or adding more to the space.

4. Hardware Optimization

By optimising hardware, we assist our clients in achieving long-term efficiency and cost savings. Support is also substantially simplified, resulting in less downtime, faster repairs and updates, and a higher overall network quality of experience.

5. Post Installation Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Once the setup and testing are completed, we continue to engage with our clients and shift to proactive network monitoring and troubleshooting. We’ll keep an eye on network health and intervene as soon as something goes wrong.

Our professionals can help you make changes to network operations, troubleshoot problems as they arise, and push upgrades as they become available.

Are you looking for a more proactive network management and support partner for your business? IdealICTJa is ready to go. Let us have a conversation.


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