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ICT Goods & Services Procurement Outsourcing

Why should you outsource your procurement?

Outsourcing procurement may save costs and enhance supplier management through expenditure analysis.

We Coordinate with Business Goals:

Procurement now plays a more strategic role than before due to the increasing number of vendors in every area. Selecting an ideal co-sourcing partner, such as IdealICTJa, enables you to improve supplier performance and procurement.

Procurement Outsourcing Services

Processing Purchase Orders

Simplify your purchase order process, from request to approval and fulfilment, to boost efficiency and savings.

Keeping Tabs

Follow up on orders, alert internal and external stakeholders, and interact with shippers and suppliers on a timely basis.

Invoice and Payment Processing

Reduce mistakes and save time by reconciling invoices and shipments, approving and authorizing payments.

Managed Supplier Performance

For improved supplier performance, maintain supplier relationships and make sure procurement regulations are followed.

Analysis of Spending

Identify and evaluate spending levels to assist decision-makers. Accounts payable, cash flow management, and ageing are examples of accounting functions.

Managing Technology

To ensure that technology is used effectively, help manage and maximize how employees, software, and technology interact inside businesses.

Our Approach

Because your supplier ecosystem and internal regulations are unique, we collaborate closely with you to understand your specific business goals and objectives to create a personalized procurement process that elevates the procurement function.


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