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Our Core Services

Contact Ideal ICT Jamaica and learn how Technology can support your business through any of your strategic initiatives.


IT Management

Preventative Maintenance of Hardware to preserve the long-term performance capabilities of all hardware component.


Product Services

The procurement of Laptops, desktops, printers and routers are hardware devices that allow businesses to carry out their daily tasks.


Quality Support

Installations & Troubleshooting services for: Software and Hardware Devices, Windows Servers, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), WIFI, Surveillance Camera Systems, Network Cabling, IP Based PBX, Telephone Systems


IT Consultation

Learn how Technology can support your business Today. Our approach to each project allows us to provide solutions to our clients based on their unique needs, ensuring that they achieve their organizational goals.

How We Works

How Ideal ICT assist your business

We bring to the table winning business continuity strategies to ensure proactive technological solutions. At the end of the day, continuous technological advancements are a new normal which will require businesses to evolve & adapt to the generations of technologies being streamlined.



This enables us to put together a high-level plan through an ongoing and progressive consulting process.



Recommendations are put forward outlining what has to happen to achieve the strategic objective



Plan strategic recommendations are implemented aimed at improving the business's efficiency and productivity.



A comprehensive evaluation will be done to ascertain what levels of success was created and what can be improved further.

Now available

Ideal Security Surveillance

There are many home security camera systems to choose from, but the trick is finding the one for you. We can help you.

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Expert IT Consultants

Corey Anderson

President & CEO

Jullia siger

Product Designer

Isabella Croline

Project Manager

Claire Divas

President & CEO

Zingzian Zizu

President & CEO

Mincin Funo

President & CEO
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